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also known as: dammek, paul, faust, stupid fucking asshole.

welcome to my internet divebar. come in, pull up a seat, grab a coke. this is mainly for me to screw around with html and to do something fun with my friends.
site is in constant construction, beware broken glass and leering patrons.

info tidbits // analog horror and sci-fi enthusiast. massive furry. gorehound. punk. audiophile. sex pest. multi-fandom multi-shipping nightmare. free internet advocate. they love blowing me up with grenades because i'm right about everything.

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12/5/23 - finally updated my age from my birthday back in october. i've been too busy to really edit this page but i've been keeping an eye on it and i can't believe it already has 7k visits! thanks so much, anyone reading this!

9/20/23 - added shrine hub and started work on my finfin on teo the magic planet page. still working :]

9/19/23 - added music player and self-ship webring. posted on tumblr, too! hi anyone from there!

9/18/23 - index edited, minipet + chatbox added, web ring expanded.

9/17/23 - joined neocities!

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